Production Saloons

Production Saloons is an excellent entry-level class, based on racing a modified road-going or 'production' vehicle under 4 litres with no contact allowed. 

A wide variety of makes and models are competitive in this class, both front and rear wheel drive, so there is something for everyone.

This class of racing is what happens to the Subarus, Mazdas, Hondas and Nissans that have reached the end of the road. Instead of being sent to the wreckers yard, they go speedway racing.  They are stripped out, fitted with a roll cage (to very strict Speedway NZ specifications to ensure driver safety) and enthusiastically raced. There are with quite a few women who race in this category.

Productions may not be the glamour class of speedway, but we get big fields at Central Motor Speedway, providing plenty of spectator entertainment and loads of fun for the drivers. Open to pretty much any age and ability, Productions represent a very affordable way to become a speedway driver in a non-contact class. Our Production class rep and ace driver, not to mention former Auckland Warrior, Whetu Taewa has several cars if you want to give it a go.

Interested? If you are, have a chat with Brad McTaggart at our next event.

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'T' Drivers

Race Number Name

Geoff Friend


Ron Koole


Brad McTaggart


Monique Maynard


Gavin Hurring


Sam McKenzie


Bradley Mckee


Des McTaggart


Kamryn Reddy


Jonathon Milne


Bailey Mitchell