Sophisticated turbular space frame chassis. Full race engines and highly specialised purpose built brakes, shocks and other racing componentry imported from the United States. Lightweight, clip on body panels replicating famous American muscle cars. Except for a couple of hundred fewer horses up front, gulping  petrol rather than methanol and no in-cockpit facilities for making braking and set up adjustments during a race, Saloons are basically Super Super Saloons. If anything they can be even more challenging to drive as all settings must be decided on and made before the car goes out on to the track. That's where having a great pit crew can be the difference between winning and losing.


Even without the Super Saloons' bells and whistles, a Saloon doesn't come cheap. A second hand car and trailer can be $30 - $50,000 plus ongoing costs during a racing season. Brand new the figure gets closer to $100,000 for car and trailer.

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'T' Drivers

Race Number Name

Ivan Murdoch


Phil Burgess


Anita Sloop


Mike Verdoner


Barry Taylor


Steve Robertson


Russell Erskine


Gary Woods


Scott Helm


Shane McDonald


Rick Morgenson


Graham Williamson


Raymond Phillips


George Phillips