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Six Shooters

Six Shooters are New Zealand's newest regional class, raced from Auckland to right here in Cromwell, Central Otago. 

Six Shooters combine a Sprintcar chassis with a Holden V6 engine, and are also referred to as Wingless Sprintcars.

With their 3.6 V6 motors, Holden Commodore VY's and VZ's were no slugs on the highway. So, it doesn't take much imagination to picture the speed and spectator excitement created by dropping one of these V6's into the chassis of a Sprintcar, minus the downforce benefits of the front and overhead wings.

This class is relatively affordable open wheeler racing for those who have reached the 16 year age limit of Youth Ministocks, or anyone with a need for speed who is keen to hit the dirt. Six Shooters are an excellent use for Sprintcar chassis and running gear that is no longer competitive.

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'T' Drivers

Race Number Name

Jon Pagan


Tony Symons


Brad Evans


Ben Smart


Shanarroh Stronach


Faith Ainsley


Adam Evans


Brian Ellison


Nick Prattley


James 'Jimbo' Martin


Jack Cleveland (1)


Blair Smith


Emma Gordon


Jack Brown


Jacob McIntyre


Georgia Gordon