These 'winged wonders' of speedway are hugely popular. The combination of a high powered V8 engine and massive wing, ensures these cars are the fastest vehicles on four wheels around the speedway track.

Sprintcars never fail to get spectator hearts thumping and adrenaline rushing as they flip, roll and race tyre-to-tyre around Cromwell's oval track at speeds often in excess of 160 kph. The downforce exerted by the wings is the only thing stopping these cars from flying.


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'T' Drivers

Race Number Name

Matthew Anderson


Daniel Anderson


Sam O'Callaghan


Jason Scott


Andy Erskine


James Robinson


Mark Evans


Kyle Shearing


Whetu Taewa


Aaron Cleveland


Nigel Colvin


Luke Shearing


Dean Miller


Gary Price


Josh Buchanan


John Sievewright


Steve Scoles