Youth Ministocks

With their classic Stockcar look, the Youth Ministock class is a fun and affordable way for teenagers aged between 12 and 16 years to develop their driving skills and experience the thrills of racing on the clay of Cromwell's Central Motor Speedway.

Powered by 1200cc Nissan and Toyota engines from the '70s and '80s, these hardy little race cars are built to provide maximum driver protection. On Cromwell's 500m track, these teens can pedal their cars at speeds of up to 70kph.

While many Ministock drivers step up to other classes, others go on to use what they have learned on the track to help make them better drivers on the open road. Central Motor Speedway Club is keen for this class to keep growing and can organise opportunities to 'have a go'. So, take a stroll to the pits for a chat with some of our Youth Ministock drivers and car owners.


'T' Drivers

Race Number Name

George Hedley


Clay Dawson


Trent Ainsley


Brodie McDonald


Ella Colvin


Lachy Campbell-Tate


Ashdyn Gable


Mikayla Colvin


Marcus Scott


jade Pettersen


Ashley Finch


Zac Phillips


Dylan Prattley


Harrison Brown


Jess Evans


Mark Goodger


Jake Shearing


Samantha Sandford


Dylan Jones


Bayley Craig


Bryen Craig