Tiger's ex Caddy and NZ rally star scorching Cromwell clay, November 21


It doesn’t take a crystal ball to predict that Thursday, November 21, will be a night you won’t want to miss at Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway. Because from 5pm you’ll not only get to marvel as the world’s fastest golf caddy Steve Williams getting sideways but also be among the country’s first to witness NZ rally star Hayden Paddon demo the Crosskart, a new class of dirt racer he’s introducing to New Zealand. To further tweak your excitement meter, Hayden will if all goes to plan for the first time ever get behind the wheel of an 859 plus horsepower sprint car.

Tiger’s ex-caddy Steve Williams is racing at Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway as organiser/competitor of the 2019 Holden Trade Club Saloon Speedweek, arguably the toughest series on the speedway calendar. A four consecutive days endurance challenge that stretches driver skills and fitness, and the ability of crews to fight the fatigue of all night rebuilds and repairs.  

On Thursday, November 21, a field of 22 of the country’s top saloon drivers and best up-and-comers will line up on the Cromwell clay for round 1. After the night’s racing or first thing in the morning they’ll head to X Factor Cars Riverside Speedway in Invercargill for round 2 on Friday night. Then Saturday it’s round 3 at Dunedin’s Beachlands Speedway with the Holden Trade Club Speedweek final on Sunday, November 24 at the Leeston Speedway near Christchurch.

Because it’s so important to get a points on the board from round 1, Thursday night’s racing will be fast and furious. These wide and low, V8 powered Monsters of Speedway are no slouches when it comes burning clay. Central Motor Speedway ‘t’ drivers competing are last year’s series third placegetter Ivan Murdoch(7t), Phil Burgess (15t) and Barry Taylor (28t).

Wow! It’s a Crosskart!

In Europe, Crosskart racing is incredibly popular with these pocket rockets (2.6m long and 1.6wide) used by most WRC drivers to practise their off-road skills. Excited by the prospects for Crosskarts in New Zealand and to gauge public response, Hayden Paddon has imported a 1300cc Suzuki Haybusa powered Semog Crosskart from Portugal. This starts with the demo at Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway on Thursday, November 21. Looking a bit like a scaled down dune buggy with streamlined body panels or a rear engine speedway midget given a style makeover that includes a roof and rear wing, Hayden describes the Crosskart as heaps of fun to drive.

After the Ron sprigs Memorial Meeting was rained off on Saturday night (Nov 9) track promoter Jason Scott is hopeful to run the Ron Spriggs Memorial Sprint Car Trophy feature race on Thursday, November 21 in a field that will include Hayden Paddon showing his sideways skills in a sprint car. Other favourite speedway classes will also be racing during the evening that starts at 5pm.   

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