Super Saloons

Super Saloons are the race-bred 'Monsters of Speedway.' Beneath light fibreglass bodies replicating such classic American muscle cars as Corvettes, Mustangs, Trans-Ams and Camaros are sophisticated and highly complex tubular space frame chassis with most designed and built in New Zealand -- In fact the home of the legendry Hypermac chassis is right here in Cromwell, Central Otago. Motors, bakes, shock absorbers and other components are all imported from American specialists manufacturers. In fact, nothing on these racecars is pirated from road cars.


With full race, mostly methanol fuelled V8 motors putting down from around 700 to 820 horsepower onto the Central Motor Speedway clay, you would think Super Saloon drivers would have both hands gripping the wheel at all times. But no. Throughout a race, one or other hand is constantly leaving the wheel to make adjustment to the car's ste up in response to the track's ever changing conditions. During a 10 or 12 lap heat or 25 lap feature race, the track can go from wet and sticky to dry, dusty and slippery. As this happens the driver can adjust the braking force to give more to the front. By pumping what looks like a hand brake the driver can also action a series of changes to to the chassis that puts more weight over the left rear wheel. In a Super Saloon cockpit there are some seven setting adjustment toggles, knobs and levers. These adjust help explain why a driver leading the field may drop back or one towards the tail end charge through the field. He who makes the best adjust decisions is often the winner.

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'T' Drivers

Race Number Name

Greig Johnston


Ray Stewart


Peter Dickson


Campbell McManaway


Euan Shearing


Owen Dixon


Kerry Dixon


Barry Redpath