Want to capture the roar and excitement of speedway racing? Let’s talk. This season our events range from national titles and regional events, to racing for our young, emerging drivers - and we're always looking for new talent.

Our official media team gets to be up close to the action, their images are widely showcased, and we work together to help grow their business. Interested in finding out more? 

Click here to apply for CMS Media Accreditation, then

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Click here to apply to fly a UAV/Drone at the track.

We also offer a limited number of opportunities for aspiring photographers, filmakers and video content creators through the 2023/24 season Photo+Video Youth Mentorship programme.  Interested? To find out more, contact Mary Hinsen here, or catch up for a chat down at the track.


​​​​​​​Meet the talented people behind the cameras - our official media team for 2023/24.

Suzy Walker

Chris Scrimgour

Jo Broadhead

Hunter Burke

Kieran Blair

Ethan Payne

Alisha Race

Mary Hinsen

Rob Palmer

Jason Gutteridge